Dodge this!

-Anyone who has ever played dodgeball

Duck, Dodge, Dip and Dive your way in Fantasy Dodgeball League. A VR experience set across maps set from the Western Frontier to a City Park to Space. Play against goblins, pirates, hipsters, and even Santa Claus. All from the comfort of your own home. Perfected throwing, so it feels like the real thing! You won’t want to miss Fantasy Dodgeball League. Expected Release Summer 2021.

Current Progress

Beta v0.1




Feature Roadmap

Beta 0.10

-2 Maps (City Park and Gymnasium)

-Point Dodgeball

-5 Teams

Beta 0.2.0

-2 Maps (Dungeon and Royal Hall)

-Elimination Dodgeball

-4 Teams (Elves, Goblins, Skeletons, Royals)

Beta 0.3.0

-2 Maps (Western Frontier, Pirates)

-Multiplayer Mode

-4 Teams (Cowboys, Indians, Pirates, Redcoats)

Upon release and bug fixes we will release into as V1.0.

We will continue to provide updates with the following anticipated

-Maps (Winter Wonderland, Space Airlock, Dwarven Fortress,

-Teams (Santa, Aliens, Robots, Demons, Dwarves)

  • Project Type: Virtual Reality Game
  • Platform: Oculus Quest
  • Release: Expected 2021